Much has happened since that first post.  None of it involving more posts.  We have dined well in Seattle and Tuscany, planted a garden and as of today, ripped out much of that same garden.  It has been a short veggie summer here in Seattle.  We planted late and we’ve been short on sun.  What we have enjoyed is zucchini… we were at that point of the season where zucchini was coming out of our ears.  And then, powdery mildew struck.  So today, we ripped out the plants and as a last hurrah, celebrated by making fried zucchini flowers.  I’ve never had fried squash flowers.  Never got the big deal.  Actually thought they looked kind of creepy!!  I know in Italy they have sagra’s, (festivals) entire sagra’s for what?  friend flowers?  I was uninformed!  Oh I was in for a treat.  Delicious!!


Ta Da!  Here they are!!  Wonderful!!  Eating well to celebrate a summer harvest is indeed a treat.  I am sorry this zucchini season is cut so short.  I will grow zucchini next year simply to have fried blossoms again next year.  Buon Appetito!


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