Much has happened since that first post.  None of it involving more posts.  We have dined well in Seattle and Tuscany, planted a garden and as of today, ripped out much of that same garden.  It has been a short veggie summer here in Seattle.  We planted late and we’ve been short on sun.  What we have enjoyed is zucchini… we were at that point of the season where zucchini was coming out of our ears.  And then, powdery mildew struck.  So today, we ripped out the plants and as a last hurrah, celebrated by making fried zucchini flowers.  I’ve never had fried squash flowers.  Never got the big deal.  Actually thought they looked kind of creepy!!  I know in Italy they have sagra’s, (festivals) entire sagra’s for what?  friend flowers?  I was uninformed!  Oh I was in for a treat.  Delicious!!


Ta Da!  Here they are!!  Wonderful!!  Eating well to celebrate a summer harvest is indeed a treat.  I am sorry this zucchini season is cut so short.  I will grow zucchini next year simply to have fried blossoms again next year.  Buon Appetito!


Gluten Free Delicious Possibilities!


We are Larry and Michele in Seattle, Washington.   Welcome to our blog where we will share our recipes that arouse the senses with delicious possibilities.  Stay tuned for our updates where we will post pictures, recipes, ideas, recaps from dinner clubs, travels and whatever else we run across in our gluten-free world!


This weekend was one our greatest cooking weekends yet so we had to get started.  Forget the background and who we are stuff for now…that will come but for now, on to the food!!


Friday we brought two desserts to an auction.  Each table bid on the race to the dessert table.  Since we only cook gluten free and there were other gluten free folks attending, we made two things: Grandma’s carrot and a chocolate cake with cream cheese and orange frosting.  The chocolate cake came from Karen Robertson’s book, Cooking Gluten Free (which I highly recommend… everything in it is wonderful!)   Both cakes went early on in the dessert dash.  We had to find out if people liked them so we went around and learned that at the carrot cake table said it was the best carrot cake they have ever had and the chocolate cake people had no idea they were eating gluten free.  Two masterpieces created – ta da!!  Don’t worry…we’ll post the recipes…


Clearly we were on a roll so Saturday, Larry made a stuffed and rolled chicken breast converted from a favorite italian cookbook.  Michele made another of the chocolate cakes since we didn’t get to try any and the non GF people were raving about it.  We had to see what all the fuss was about.  Can’t even explain the level of deliciousness.  We truly out-did ourselves.  


Stay tuned…we’ll post our weekly masterpieces with pictures, recipes, tips for converting and anything else that is fun in the world of gluten free.  We travel often and internationally so when we hit the road we’ll update you on favorite restaurants, foods and in particular share what we brought (and are glad we did) and what we should have and had no idea.  For example – you have to bring your own bread or at least a dry mix for bread to Italy… the country that makes GF pasta possible, is not quite there in bread.  Next time we pack dry bread mixes. 


ciao!  Michele & Larry